5 Simple dinner table setting tips

Sitting down at a beautifully decorated dinner table is just one of the pleasures of the table we can enjoy. A great table setting can set the mood for the evening, embrace a theme, complement an amazing meal, or even sneakily distract your guests from a less than perfect meal (wink)!  So wow your guests at your next dinner party with a few quick tips listed below. Also don’t forget you can be as creative as you like, after all it is your home!

1. Fresh flowers

I am absolutely obsessed with fresh flowers, they give any place or setting a pop of colour!  Fill the table space with multiple flower arrangements for added effect. Choose an awe-inspiring focal centrepiece like this large bouquet of flowers and then accompany it with a smaller arrangement.

QUICK TIP: After the dinner party use the flowers around the home for decoration – of course.

 FullSizeRender (99)


2. A sweet gift

Place a sweet little arrangement on each individual setting. This is a nice added touch and your guests can take these home as gifts!

QUICK TIP: If you would like to allocate seating, tie name tags to each arrangement with ribbon or string.

FullSizeRender (88)

Dinner set: Noritake from Harris Scarfe

3. Let there be light

I am equally obsessed with candles as they create ambience and a beautiful scent. White Gardenia and Lily by Simply Vera Wang is my favourite at the moment.

QUICK TIP: Be careful not to pick a candle that is too overpowering (such as musk scented) as it will detract from your delicious food.

FullSizeRender (89)

4. Symmetry

I love how symmetry creates a sense of harmony and balance on the table. Make sure all of your place settings match or complement each other, ensure your guests have ample space for eating, and don’t overload one side of the table. It’s often the finer details that will make an impression on your guests.

FullSizeRender (93)


5. Get creative

If you’re on a budget, you can use different shaped vases and glasses that you have handy at home for flowers (like below). You can also fill them with cute wrapped chocolates, uncracked walnuts, or candies you have in your pantry.

FullSizeRender (95)

For more helpful hints about setting your dinner table check out my video “Homemade with Louise Pillidge”. Happy eating!

And if you after some tips on planning the perfect Dinner party check out my: 10 Tips to throw the perfect dinner party


  1. Amanda says:

    Hi Louise. I love your new website! You’ve worked so hard to get it up online. Your table setting looks really elegant and fresh. I especially love the fishbowl style vase. I saw something similar with orchids. Guess I am buying a new vase tomorrow. Keep up the great work. You and Blake are a gorgeous couple by the way x

  2. Eleanor says:

    So much hate coming your way from the Daily Mail over this….don’t sweat it love.

    I have lost count of the number of times I have seen spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in their articles.

    All publicity is good publicity!

    Keep the posts coming I’m loving it!

  3. Patricia Morgan says:

    Hi Louise, Congratulations on a superb lifestyle blog. It is deliciously fresh and colourful. I have complimented my entertaining with quite a few of your recommendations. It certainly presents in a very sophisticated and stylish way and very much reflects your personal image. Keep up the wonderful work and not to neglect your charitable work.

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