6 Tips for the perfect picnic

I love picnics! In particular I love how romantic picnic dates can be. However, it can often be a struggle to plan and prepare the perfect picnic foods and setting. That’s why I’ve prepared 6 tips to help make sure your next picnic is picture perfect!

Step 1

Choose a location and remember to have an alternative just in case of the weather. A fabulous location in Perth is Kings Park.  You’ll see such an amazing view above the river! If you’re going for something more romantic plan for a dusk date so you can watch the sky change colour at sunset.


Quick tips:

  • Set up your rug under a tree to give you shade, especially if it’s a hot day
  • Locate bathroom facilities

Step 2

The menu is the most important part for me! Unless you’re taking a small esky, choose dishes that travel well and don’t need to be refrigerated (or can survive the trip) before serving. Remember to make sure everything is bite-sized to avoid cutting food on-site. Here are some ideas for appetisers, main dishes, and salads.



Appetisers need to be easy to eat and easy to clean up after. Make sure the food is bite-sized and don’t serve anything too messy or delicate. A great start is a cheese platter with hard cheese, nuts, dried fruit and crackers. You can also include some pretzels, rice crackers, or prepare a simple fruit platter to share.


Main dish

Picnics are not supposed to be heavy or huge meals. Some great ideas for main dishes on your picnic include:

  • Little quiches with smoked salmon
  • Open baguettes with deli meats such as turkey, ham or salami
  • A broccoli or vegetable tartIf you’re stuck for time you can always buy sandwiches from your local café or bakery, or pick up some crusty bread, deli meat and tomato and salad from the supermarket on the way


  • Salads can be made ahead of time using quinoa, barley or wild rice. Stay away from cos lettuce, butter lettuces or spinach leaves as these tend to fade in the heat and go soggy. And of course don’t dress your salad until you arrive to keep your salad crunchy and fresh.

Step 3

Preparation is the key to the perfect picnic!  Prep everything at home so there is no need to chop, diced or peel anything at the picnic. Pop everything in containers to keep fresh, stash in a picnic basket or cooler bag to keep fresh until you arrive!


Step 4

Don’t forget about drinks! You can use lidded jars with plastic straws for your drinks as a cute touch. Infused water is perfect for picnics! You can prepare this ahead of time with strawberries, cucumber and mint in your fridge – So refreshing! Red wine is also a popular addition to any picnic basket as you don’t have to worry about chilling it. Do make sure to check with the Local Park or council in charge of the picnic spot if you can drink it there first to avoid penalties.

shutterstock_212192488 (1)

Step 5

As you have probably noticed on my blog – one of my favourite things is a beautiful scented candle. Grab a jar candle to add romance and a sweet scent to your picnic date. Make sure it’s protected from the wind and from falling over to avoid a surprise fire! And don’t take any candles during fire-bans, hot days, and in protected parks. If you’re out in the late afternoon or at dusk, pack a citronella candle to keep the bugs at bay.


Step 6

Pump the tunes. Bring along your portable iPod docking station and make sure you create a playlist to suit the mood.  I always love a bit of Beyoncé!

Sometimes the most simple of things are the most memorable. Picnics are great fun and a wonderful date to share with your partner. What are your favourite picnic spots in your area?


  1. Jen says:

    Wait. So I put the rug UNDER a tree? Maybe you could also write a blog entry about how to put rubbish IN a rubbish bin

    • Hi Jen,
      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.
      My blogs cater to people of all ages – so I am providing sometime very basic tips/info.
      As you may know, my blog is very new – I really appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion and will take your constructive criticism on board in future posts.
      Louise x

  2. Pete says:

    I’m not sure if Kings Park would appreciate candles on a hot summer’s night.

  3. T says:

    Perfect picnic step 1. Your should be you’re….you are going…. There are 6 other punctuation errors a two typos in this article. It is hard to see this as professional and I’d love to see you do well.

  4. Amy says:

    I’m enjoying your blog 🙂 You’re taking the criticism on this page very well. Keep your head up high and keep those recipes coming.

    • Hi Amy, I hope you’re having a great week! Thank you for your support – I truly appreciate it!
      I do believe constructive criticism is needed to always improve 🙂 thank you for noticing xx

  5. Tess says:

    Great tips, love the beautiful photos too 🙂 Can’t wait for some gorgeous summer weather to enjoy picnics like this. X

  6. Claire says:

    Hi Louise! I personally love this article in particular, I am having a picnic with my partner tomorrow and was clueless as to how to add a romantic touch until this ! Great tip on the bite size foods!
    Much love, Claire x

  7. Jemma says:

    Hi Louise. Lovely recipe ideas and photos. You reply to the criticism here very professionally. I particularly like the person that picked you up on your grammar and typos and kindly included their own typo ?

  8. Julia says:

    You’re a big cutie!
    Thanks for the cute tips ?
    I hate how people are so negative towards you!
    Chin up girl. We love you

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